MT 103 Field Specifications

22. Field 72: Sender to Receiver Information


6*35x (Narrative - Structured Format)

The following line formats must be used:

Line 1 /8c/[additional information]  
Lines 2-6 [//continuation of additional information]
[/8c/[additional information]]




This field specifies additional information for the Receiver or other party specified.


Unless bilaterally agreed otherwise between the Sender and the Receiver, one of the following codes must be used, placed between slashes ('/'):

ACC Instructions following are for the account with institution.
INS The instructing institution which instructed the Sender to execute the transaction.
INT Instructions following are for the intermediary institution.
REC Instructions following are for the Receiver of the message.


Field 72 must never be used for information for which another field is intended.

Each item for which a code exists must start with that code and may be completed with additional information.

Each code used must be between slashes and appear at the beginning of a line. It may be followed by additional narrative text.

Narrative text relating to a preceding code, which is continued on the next line(s), must start with a double slash '//', and, if used, must begin on a new line. Narrative text should preferably be the last information in this field.

Use of field 72, particularly with uncoded instructions, may cause delay, because, in automated systems, the presence of this field will normally require manual intervention.

It is strongly recommended to use the standard codes proposed above. In any case, where bilateral agreements covering the use of codes in this field are in effect, the code must conform to the structured format of this field.

The codes REJT/RETN may be used in this field. If either of these codes is used in the first position of the first line, placed between slashes ('/'), it is mandatory to follow the Generic Payment Reject Mechanism described in Standards Usage Guidelines.